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Client Testimonials

MJ are the best company of all time. This may sound like an exaggeration but my husband and I came to them from a very bad contractor experience and they were a dream with us. Communicative, professional, and very efficient. Jackie put up with all my texting and we had great laughs with them both along the way. I cannot recommend them enough. Home Renos are tough but they made it a delight.Read More

MJ Design & Build did a substantial rehab on our single family home that included reconfiguring both floors with significant updates to our kitchen, bathrooms & basement layout. We really appreciated Mike’s willingness to brainstorm on the “build” side including tweaks to the plans. We also loved Jackie’s suggestions on “design” including best places to purchase items from. We thought it was great that (1) they stayed in the planned timeframes, (2) didn’t nickel & dime us for tweaks, and (3) their crews were great to work with. Bottom line, we want to provide our highest recommendation to MJ Design & Build as they made our substantial rehab go as smoothly as possible which I credit to their customer focus, and we would certainly use them again.Read More

We loved working with Mike & Jackie and their team. They remodeled our living room with a new fireplace, windows, and built-ins. It turned out even better than we expected. They were professional, thorough, and came up with great ideas when we ran in to some design issues (which happens with every project). We also had an unexpected water leak unrelated to the remodel that they were able to help us trouble shoot and repair. 10/10 recommend.Read More

We had a great experience working with Mike and Jackie! They were knowledgable, accurate with the quotes and information up front, responsive and really easy to work with. They transformed our basement from a dark, 70's-esque nightmare to a beautiful, modern and bright family space. Jackie was fantastic with helping us pick tile, paint, hardware and everything in between for our bathroom remodel and the outcome was beautiful. They were both really quick to get everything done and we really appreciated the honesty, knowledge and accuracy from the beginning. I would definiltey recommend them and work with them in the future!Read More

MJ Design and Build were fantastic partners on our bathroom renovation. After receiving multiple quotes on the planned project, MJ Design and Build were by far the best value. The attention to detail with pricing and available use of a designer, helped us execute our vision and sold us on using their services. From the beginning, they kept an open line of communication regarding timelines and were understanding of our needs. As with any project, issues came up and Mike and Jackie were ready to engage and find solutions. We really appreciated their solution-oriented mindset. We believe this helped get our projects over the finish line, on time and within budget. With outstanding customer service and superb project analysis, we wholeheartedly recommend this company to all our friends and neighbors in need of home renovations.Read More

"I can't say enough great things about MJ Design & Build! ...  They did it all on time and on budget despite all the pandemic supply chain problems."

Kelly Hughes ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

"We picked MJ Design and Build LLC based on the knowledge and responsiveness… And, of course, the reviews… I can attest that the workmanship was Grade A. There were no surprise charges or unexpected add-ons"

Mike Woods ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

"Mike and his team was responsive and transparent throughout the whole process. He brought in experts every step of the way and the project was done right...professional, friendly, transparent and upfront about materials and cost. We highly recommend him for your renovation needs."

Sharilee Stafford ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

"The design process was really so fun, the quality and value for what we paid for could not have been beat. They were always on time and we were always kept in the loop about next steps and scheduling. The fact that’s it’s a contractor + designer team really made it all come together perfectly."

Jaclyn Dimetres ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑